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by on May 7, 2012

Good Morning Everyone, if you are researching this topic or if you are interested please following this post.


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  1. digna permalink

    hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • catherinapark permalink

      Can you elaborate further? Are you saying that in some instances, we should use mines?

  2. digna permalink

    Quote: They also did not want to preacude the use of mines in certain situations like defense of the Karean border.

    Purpose: The arguments are not enough its just solved>

  3. catherinapark permalink

    Please limit your comments to those related to the subject matter: landmines.

  4. there are plants that could be able to find landmines by turning red

  5. cassidyxu permalink

    Quote: “Dozens of North Korean landmines loosened by heavy rains washed ashore on South Korean riverbanks and beaches.”

    Purpose: Shows how Korean territory was affected by landmines.

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