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Drug War in Mexico

by on May 7, 2012

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  1. BossDon permalink

    I really don’t understand, what do I have to talk about ?

    • mof209 permalink

      We should be looking at three aspects of every problem: The history of the problem, the current state (last 3 years of the problem) and the future of the problem. We are doing this to better understand what happens in the world and to become better global citizens.

    • catherinapark permalink

      You have to find articles, quotes, information that speak about your topic. What’s going on with the drug war(s) in Mexico? Why should we, in the US, care about what’s going on in Mexico? Why has this problem been around for so long? Who’s suffering from these wars? What about the innocent people? What can we do to resolve this issue so that some other student 50 years from now doesn’t have to do another project on this topic? 🙂

  2. BossDon permalink

    thank you for verifying this problem of mine , I appreciate it 🙂

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