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by on May 7, 2012

Good Morning Everyone, if you are researching this topic or if you are interested please following this post.


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  1. krislimduran permalink

    Deforestation is one of the many causes of global warming. Deforestation is the full or large scale removal of a forest, or area of tress, in order to clear land for human development, or to use the trees as fuel or timber. (

  2. qiuzhao permalink

    when tree are cut down the amount of oxygen in the air decrease and burning the tree created 20% of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.
    Information at:

  3. Teng lin permalink

    BROOKLYN, Canada, Sep 22, 2003 (IPS) – Scientists at a world meeting on forests are reporting that tropical deforestation is much worse than the most recent surveys from the United Nations show.
    it found the world’s forests Rather than deforestation slowing to nine million ha per year in the 1990s as reported by the FAO, the ”real” average was closer to 16 million ha a year, the WRI found.Other changes included decreasing the minimum forest size from 100 ha to 0.5 ha and the height of a mature tree from seven m to five m, he added. \

    in my point that Deforestation is keep move on, but that is better than before and will be better than better, such like every year people need 2 Trees , than next year people just need one more.

  4. Teng lin permalink

    News and Events

    AD Partners hosts high-level forest-climate side event
    COP17 – DURBAN, December 7, 2011.Durban, South Africa — The AD Partners COP 17 event in Durban was perhaps our most ambitious to date, (see speaker list at left). In addition to co-host Dr. Jane Goodall and keynote speaker UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, we were honored to have the U.S. Government represented by way of video statements from President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and former President Clinton. Our gathering supported the approval of the Green Climate Fund, REDD+ and sustainable supply chain efforts. Our message, and the purpose of this event, was to highlight solutions that support economic growth through sustainable, climate smart agriculture – practices that benefit farmers and strengthen local communities while conserving valuable ecosystems.
    in my point that idea is good everyone will like this plans with conserving valuable ecosystems,
    Now, our world is not that well it is get hunt very Serious this plans will make good for our world.

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